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Name Gender Member Number Membership Type
Missing Maksim Metsaveer Male 8KOZGFRA Youth
Missing Daniil Sõtsov Male 75XDWPHB Youth
Ifma nf logov2 Kristjan Ljah Male NFWWM8KN Youth
13988088 1328024503889436 77115142221142767 o Aleksandr Biba Male GV7DR65E Youth
Ifma nf logov2 Jan Beljaev Male NHEVU9QI Adult
19 02 2018 18 41 27 156 Kevin Renno Male 9LFLFNTB Adult
Ifma nf logov2 Allan Volosatoh Male 1B2HEQ9S Adult
Ifma nf logov2 Vladislav Kirilov Male Z6ZJPV8M Youth
Missing Roman Mitjaev Male L9V3A5EE Youth
Missing Kirill Shevtsov Male NZEUFROV Youth
Ifma nf logov2 Aleks Sabinin Male DNZOUOUA Youth
Missing Aleksandr Gruba Male ZA9EHJGQ Youth
Missing Mark Karusar Male YCTXGMKF Youth
Ifma nf logov2 Maksim Antonov Male RHKUMBRR Youth
Ifma nf logov2 Maarja Okva Female Y4YYOTRW Youth
68861929 1108853289502230 1575872188651667456 n Ivan Babin Male MZSDH8QA Youth
Missing Nurali Kasõmov Male 7T4RMZJD Youth
Ifma nf logov2 Arsenij Subachus Male UUM7M5CZ Youth
Ifma nf logov2 Artur Dzhekunov Male NVCJZBCX Youth
69387391 516375358905680 45167392208191488 n Daniil Sõtsov Male BQFO9O4R Youth
14 02 2018 14 06 53 37 2 Andra Aho Female SAOGVLZY Adult
Ifma nf logov2 Evgenij Korolev Male LTPBFK0H Youth
Missing Artjom Tretjak Male WSGFCEI1 Youth
Img 1609 Vadim Karavan Male J7C3JWU8 Youth
Missing Jaroslav Us Male WB3NB1MT Youth
Ifma nf logov2 Dmitrij Salamatin Male 0AFJ8DCX Adult
35265875 1764127167006166 2684042380302090240 n Jan Beljajev Male TWHBHX6A Adult
Missing Andrei Svjoklin Male KOVB0DSL Youth
Ifma nf logov2 Denver Ardoja Male 8U71LAWC Youth
Missing Emil Dzafarov Male XURH89MA Youth
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